Squiggles & Wiggles Preschool Pack for Classroom

Motivate and prepare students to begin shaping letters and numbers with the help of their Squiggle Squad friends. Kids are ready to work on large motor skills long before they can control a pencil. Through our Squiggles and Wiggles program, students do various large and fine motor skill activities that help ingrain proper directionality and control related to handwriting…all while playing with the Squiggle Squad!



This pack includes all of the teaching tools, student resources, and classroom visuals needed to help young learners develop the motor skills needed for letter formation. With resources like friendly posters to guide large movement, table mats and alphabet trace cards to reinforce directionality, and a collection of reproducible master sheets that introduce preschoolers to letter and number formation, students will gain the writing skills and confidence they need to start kindergarten. Teachers also get access to the Squiggle Squad Teachers’ Lounge where they will find a growing bank of product-use ideas, downloadable resources, tutorials, and community support.


  • License for Single Classroom Use
  • Teachers Mini Manual
  • Letter Formation Guide
  • Stroke Reference Card
  • Display Placards
  • Laminated Finger Trace Table Mats (3 sets of 10 designs—15 double-sided mats)
  • Alphabet Finger Trace Cards
  • Master Packet (Reproducible Finger Trace and Letter-Learning Playsheets)
  • Pathway Posters (5)
  • Squiggles & Wiggles Stickers (3 sheets of 63 stickers)
  • Access to the Teachers’ Lounge- a place to find additional materials and online support