Stroke Booklets for Kindergarten

With the help of their Squiggle Squad friends, students will get to practice each stroke related to the English manuscript alphabet in isolation. Walk your students through these five booklets to help them develop the motor control and directionality needed for efficient and easy letter and number formation!



New writers learn five basic strokes needed for manuscript handwriting. Each booklet focuses on a Squiggle Squad member and their favorite stroke to help new writers practice the five movements needed for letter and number formation. Activities help learners improve control of their arm, hand, and fingers as they move through increasingly challenging (but fun!) activities. NOTE: This item is meant to replace, replenish, or reinforce teaching materials found in the Core Kits or Complete Set of Student Booklets. If you are new to Squiggle Squad, consider age-appropriate Comprehensive Classroom Kits or the Single Student Core Kit.


  • 5 Stroke Booklets


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