Controlled wiggles as a determinant for writing readiness

Eye-hand coordination, balance, and hand strength can be indicators of a child’s readiness to write. 

Activities using the major muscle groups can give you an idea of a child’s physical abilities before expecting them to have the necessary dexterity to write letters. Let’s start by getting an idea of how our students move their large muscles.

What are we looking for?

Here are things to take note of as you are guiding your students through large motor skill activities:

  • Can they listen and follow your instructions as you guide them through a series of large muscle movements?

  • Are they able to do the movements you are demonstrating?

  • How well can they perform the exercises

  • How is their balance? Coordination? Strength?

Playground obstacle course



  • Crawling under or through something

  • Walking on a white line or a low balance beam

  • Rolling a ball into a hole or marked area (using hands, feet, or object like a tennis racket

  • Jumping up and down a certain number of times or into specified spots marked on the floor

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A young child with blonde hair balances on a wooden beam in a grassy area, with a blue object partially visible to the left.