What If My Kid Hates Writing? Parts 1-3

A person is sitting at a table with their head resting on an open notebook, looking frustrated. Various pens and a pencil are scattered on the table.

Over recent three months, I had the privilege of writing as a guest blogger for homeschool.com. The three-part series, titled “What If My Kid Hates Writing?” covers three broad-but-important areas to address when trying to help your reluctant writer. It offers possible reasons and suggestions to help. Certainly, writing is necessary and beneficial for life […]

Handwriting Enables Kids to Power Ahead

Person in gloves pouring oil into a car engine with the text "Tend to the Basics" displayed on the right side.

By Holly Britton My dad knew it was important that I got the basics down pat when it came to car maintenance. He didn’t want me breaking down ever, but if I did, he wanted me to have the skills to take care of the problem. So, I learned to watch the gas gauge, fix […]