Handwriting: Back to the Future

A person is holding a smartphone in their left hand and drawing a brain on a notepad with their right hand.

By: Holly Britton Over the last two decades – affecting at least two generations of school kids – explicit instruction of handwriting (both cursive and manuscript) has been pushed aside in the name of progress. Technologies like the personal laptops and cell phones replaced the typewriter and, well, everything smartphones replace. In 2010, as this seismic […]

Writing By Hand is Like Music to the Ears

A guitar, violin, and piano are arranged together near a patterned bench. A quote on the right reads, "Writing by hand is like music to the ears. -Holly on Handwriting-.

By: Holly Britton When I started educating my kids, I wanted very much for them to have an opportunity to make music. I didn’t have grandiose aspirations of them going to some famous conservatory, but I did want to give them a solid foundation in case they wanted to. I noticed that the kids I […]