Writing By Hand is Like Music to the Ears

A guitar, violin, and piano are arranged together near a patterned bench. A quote on the right reads, "Writing by hand is like music to the ears. -Holly on Handwriting-.

By: Holly Britton When I started educating my kids, I wanted very much for them to have an opportunity to make music. I didn’t have grandiose aspirations of them going to some famous conservatory, but I did want to give them a solid foundation in case they wanted to. I noticed that the kids I […]

Failure to Teach Handwriting Fails our Kids

Two pairs of hands holding pencils, working on a worksheet with images and numbered paths, possibly for an educational activity.

Failure to Teach Handwriting Fails our Kids By: Holly Britton In a casual conversation with someone who happened to be an occupational therapist, I described my reasoning for designing the Squiggle Squad resources for handwriting instruction. She looked at me wide-eyed and said, “You know, so many of the kids that teachers send to me […]