What If My Kid Hates Writing? Parts 1-3

A person is sitting at a table with their head resting on an open notebook, looking frustrated. Various pens and a pencil are scattered on the table.

Over recent three months, I had the privilege of writing as a guest blogger for homeschool.com. The three-part series, titled “What If My Kid Hates Writing?” covers three broad-but-important areas to address when trying to help your reluctant writer. It offers possible reasons and suggestions to help. Certainly, writing is necessary and beneficial for life but…! If you find yourself as frustrated as they are (classroom or homeschool), check out these articles:

What If My Kid Hates Writing? (Originally published on www.homeschool.com)
Part 1- Transcription- Getting it on paper
Part 2- Orthography- Spelling problems
Part 3-Attitude & Motivation- Preset Negative Mindset

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