Squiggle Squad

Alphabet Finger Trace Cards

These cards are an excellent way of introducing young students to letter and number formation. By tracing the strokes with their little fingers, students form letters with proper stroke directionality alongside their Squiggle Squad friends!



This set of 52 cards introduces young students to the shapes and formation of lowercase and capital letters. Use these cards (alongside the Squiggle Squad animal friends) to show little learners how to form letters using their finger. This low-pressure introduction to letter formation is a confidence-builder for new writers as they make a kinesthetic connection to the letters

they are learning to read. These finger trace cards are a part of the Squiggle Squad collection of resources. NOTE: One set of the Alphabet Finger Trace Cards are included in the Squiggles & Wiggles PreK Pack and the Comprehensive Classroom Kit.


  • Box of Alphabet Finger Trace Cards


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