Classroom Teacher Core Kit for Kindergarten

This fun-packed kit is simple to implement and builds a dependable foundation for writing. It is bundled with all the materials teachers need to help students develop motor skills and properly form letters and numbers. Whatever their classrooms look like—whether students are racing ahead or finding learning challenging—the Squiggle Squad is ready to come alongside teachers with engaging resources that address each student where they’re at. 



The Teacher Core Kit contains the basic Squiggle Squad resources teachers need to help kids develop motor skills and form letters and numbers. The 5 stroke booklets, each focusing on a different critter and their stroke, help students develop motor control, directionality, and automaticity. Then the critters come together to play, forming letters and numbers. This incremental, developmentally appropriate instruction builds the foundation for writing fluency. This kit includes a Teacher QuickStart Guide, the five strokes display cards, one full set of the student booklets for easy reference, and stickers to motivate and reward new writers. (See below for a complete list of contents.) PLUS, get tutorials, demos, and community input through the online Teachers’ Lounge (accessible only to Squiggle Squad teachers) to help make handwriting instruction a success! NOTE: If your school is new to Squiggle Squad, consider ordering the Comprehensive Classroom Kit to receive ALL the resources helpful to teaching letter and number formation.


  • Teacher QuickStart Guide
  • Letter-Number Formation Guide
  • Stroke Display Cards
  • Stroke Easy-Reference Card
  • Squiggle Squad Stickers (5 sheets: 63 stickers of each character)


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