Squiggles & Wiggles Preschool Pack for Homeschool

With the help of their Squiggle Squad friends, your child will develop the fundamental motor skills necessary for letter and number formation. The various motor control activities help ingrain proper directionality and muscle control related to handwriting, increasing their confidence and preparing them for future learning. 



This pack, bundled for homeschool or single-student use, includes the basic resources needed to help a little learner develop the motor skills necessary for letter and number formation. The resources are designed to help you guide your little one through the incremental steps that lead from the large motor skills to the fine motor skills used in manuscript (print) handwriting. Preschoolers use the Squiggle Squad stroke practice to develop muscle control and proper directionality before they begin shaping letters. These preparatory steps taken alongside their Squiggle Squad friends help build confidence in the student as they accomplish new skills. Early success helps motivate them to keep learning. If your kiddos start showing readiness for more letter formation work, the Alphabet Finger Trace Cards are a great addition to this kit! 


  • Teachers Mini Manual
  • Letter Formation Guide
  • Stroke Reference Card
  • Laminated Finger Trace Table Mats (1 set of 10 designs—5 double-sided mats)
  • Master Packet (Reproducible Finger Trace and Letter-Learning Playsheets)
  • Squiggles & Wiggles Stickers (1 sheet of 63 stickers)