Helping students gain the motor control necessary to write with ease


Squiggle Squad helps students develop motor control, starting with gross motor skill activities then progressing to finer motor control movements—full body, to arms, to fingers. This science-backed progression leads to student success and builds their confidence around writing


We break the English manuscript alphabet into five basic strokes so students can develop the dexterity, coordination and strength needed to write. With the help of their Squiggle Squad friends, students practice the strokes in isolation to develop automaticity needed to from letters efficiently. 


Once students learn the five strokes—having practiced motor control and directionality—their Squiggle Squad friends come together and “play” to form letters and numbers! This developmentally appropriate approach is both fun and effective!

Squiggles & Wiggles

Handwriting Readiness
  • Large motor control activities
  • Finger trace practice
  • Stroke practice for directionality

Squiggle Squad

Letter and Number Formation
  • Stroke practice for directionality
  • Letter and number formation
  • Second semester review

Next Level Learning

Reinforcing and Correcting
  • Letter formation practice for automaticity
  • Directionality practice
  • Transition into smaller, practical writing
1st or 2nd